Compound and Biosample Management

Collaborate, maximise quality, develop effective data management and capitalise on outsourcing for cost effective compound management and biobanking

With more and more areas of convergence between compound and biosample management, Pharma IQ, the leader in pharma events, is proud to bring new the newly rebranded Compound and Biosample Management Summit.

Taking place from the 15th to the 17th of May 2017 in London, we have brought together our longstanding Compound & Sample Management conference with our Global Biobanking event. The idea for this consolidation came from you – biobanking professionals and compound managers who recognise key areas where you can learn from each other to significantly improve your processes – and get closer to discovering your next blockbuster

So what can you look forward to at this year’s event?

•    Discover new IT solutions and overcome integration challenges with a case study from Pfizer
•    Make important decisions about outsourcing vs. insourcing based on cost analysis with insider tips from Johnson & Johnson
•    Acquire new strategies for automatic weighing to save you time and improve quality with expertise from GlaxoSmithKline
•    Ensure data is of the highest possible quality with an exclusive case study from Epizyme
•    Examine crucial patient data utilisation regulations in the EU with advice from Sanofi
•    Innovate your sample management processes with a site visit to TTP’s Cambridge Lab, and get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at their newest technologies 
And this is just a few of the many highlights for 2017. For a full list of the speakers, case studies, discussions and networking opportunities taking place over the three days, download the agenda now.

See you in London in May!

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