TTP Labtech is a world leading developer of automated laboratory instrumentation, consumables and reagents for life science applications. These products combine exceptional engineering, application support and customer service. Our state-of-the-art solutions cover high-throughput compound and biologics screening (ameon® with FLT Flexyte reagents, acumen® Cellista, mirrorball® with sol-R multiplexed beads), flexible sample management workflows from ambient to -800C (comPOUND®, arktic®, lab2lab), and unique low volume liquid handling for NGS, compound screening and MALDI-TOF (mosquito®, dragonfly®). TTP Labtech is part of TTP Group plc, a company that originated from The Technology Partnership (TTP) which is Europe’s leading independent centre for innovation. Since 2002, TTP Labtech has successfully combined cutting edge science with first rate engineering. Innovation is at the core of the company and is illustrated by the passion and expertise of its personnel and evidenced by the novel products and technologies that are brought to market.

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