Inge Moleans

Director Compound Logistics & Lead for Discovery Science
Johnson & Johnson

11:15 AM Outsource or Insource? How to Decide Based on Cost Analysis

  • Learn to analyse the numbers and make decisions based on cost
  • Rationalise the switch around cost, quality and speed
  • Develop a business model to determine outsourcing decisions

10:15 AM Collaborate to Drive Your Next Generation Compound Management Strategy

To reduce turnaround time and drive efficiency in your compound management, a next generation strategy is absolutely vital. And at the heart of a new strategy is collaboration.
In this session:

  • Examine the communication strategy between internal and external teams
  • Decide the best way to manage the change management process
  • Discuss how new technology has enhanced collaboration

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Inge.

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