Abigail Britten

Biosample Manager
University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine

11:00 AM PODIUM DISCUSSION: Learning From Each Other: Compound Samples and Biobanks

In this interactive session, two podiums will be set up on the stage, one with a compound sample management expert, and another with a biobanking expert.

The two experts will take questions from the audience. If you have biobanking challenges that the compound crew have already solved this is your chance to find out how! Likewise, if you work in compound sample management and have a problem the biobanking guys have a solution too, capitalise on that knowledge now!
Here are a few examples of what you can learn!

For the compound crew: What can we learn from the biobanking and biological
sample industry?
  • Key learnings from incorporating new operational models
  • Key learnings from incorporating a wider sample selection
  • Overcoming the challenges of biological sample storage and management

For the biobanking reps: What can we learn from the compound management
  • Taking Advantage of Automation
  • Keeping Track—Sample Accountability
  • Increasing speed of Compound Delivery

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Abigail.

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