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Dos And Dont’s For Quality Preservation In Compound Management

Successful drug discovery relies heavily on having efficient compound management systems in place, providing access to a growing library of high quality compounds and samples and having sufficient automation technologies to handle them. Therefore, preserving the quality of sampl ...

Gaining Access to Diverse Samples- The Web of Collaboration

In this infographic Pharma IQ examines the web of collaboration between biobanks both public and commercial, pharma firms, biotech firms and academia in regards to biological sample management. This piece also breaks down the finer details of these collaborations including mapping the trad ...

Biobanking – Creating a Collaborative Approach between Academia & Industry

In this interview Arndt Schmitz, Head of Research Biobank, Bayer Pharma AG, speaks about creating a collaborative approach between academia and industry, the associated hurdles when technology is transferred from academia to industry and measuring successful collaboration in biobanking.

Biobanking - Evaluating the Benefits of Public-Private Partnerships

Cutting edge research as well as further innovations in the life science industry will strongly depend on transnational access to high quality human biological data derived from samples, and to the associated medical information, all of which must be accessible to both academia and industry in an ef ...

High-Throughput Screening: Best Practice, Trends and Challenges

Read this article for the latest trends and challenges in high-throughput screening (HTS), one of the most important and valuable areas for the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in the field of drug discovery. Read more here.

IT Issues In Sample Management: Troubleshooting

IT failures have the power to incur large financial costs and productivity costs. Work could be jeopardised when compounds or biological samples can’t be retrieved when needed for experiments or screens that have taken up a lot of preparation time. In our 2016 Activity tracker report, automation wa ...

Compound & Biosample Management 2017 Market Trend Report

Compound management and biological sample management both have significant influence in the drug discovery process. Compounds of a high integrity contribute to reliable results when locating drug candidates. Additionally, the collection, storage and distribution of human biological materials supp ...


Biobanking & Compound Management Activity Tracker Report

Successful compound management and biological sample management stand as key enablers within the drug discovery process. This report highlights the key focus areas in both Compound Management and Biological Sample Management to provide you with an insight into the key challenges, growth areas investment trends.

Being A Commercially Minded Biobank - The Usability of Samples

Market members have noted that traditionally researchers approach a biobank with a focus on purely their access a sample of a certain nature. However, a large flaw lies in the fact that they can often fail to query the quality of said samples at the point of sourcing. Instead, questions...

Biobank Funding & Sustainability -Steps to Success

Ahead of the Global Biobanking Forum Pharma IQ spoke to key speakers Heli Salimen-Mankonen, Research Director, Auria Biobank and Francisco de Luna, Deputy Coordinator of the National Biobank Network, CNIO about enhancing sustainability and the steps they are taking to create a successful sustainable biobank.

Compound Manangement

Internal & External Collaboration in Compound Management- J&J Case Study

Communication and collaboration have been labeled as the foundation of the drug discovery process, which is clearly reflected within compound and sample management. With this in mind, Pharma IQ discussed the subject of internal and external collaboration in compound management with a panel of experts from Johnson & Johnson.

Smarter Next Generation Innovation & Cost Effectiveness In Compound Management

As ageing compound management systems need to be renewed or replaced and market practices advance, companies are faced with different options from outsourcing to investing in new technologies in order to maintain momentum. This choice leaves pharma firms with the challenge of not only achieving effective next generation innovation within compound management...

Integrating Compound Management: Analytical and Automation Workflows to Contribute to Drug Discovery Success

New and novel compounds lie at the heart of the drug discovery process. So much so, that drug discovery materials management has emerged as a discipline within itself. The pharmaceutical industry is undertaking a greater number of partnerships and licensing deals and increasing its global footprint.

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Infographic: Building a better biobank - invest in the future

The biobanking landscape is changing rapidly to deal with the increasing demands of the systems biology community. The UK biobank highlights the continuing advances in the research field with the recent opening of nearly 20TB(terabytes) of data from half a million individuals. Researchers from across the globe will be able...

Compound Management: The Ever-Changing Role of CROs

In this interview, Rose Gonzales, who is a director at Pfizer, joins us to talk about the ever-changing role of CROs as well as the effective utilisation of strong compound management within the drug discovery process. 

Global Guide to Biobanking

Pharma IQ in conjunction with the 8th Annual Global Biobanking prepared this Global Guide to Biobanking, the definitive resource for professionals in the biobanking area. The guide summarizes the key issues related to new disposable solutions in biomanufacturing, current failures and new models of consent and recent commercial and technological...

Expanding sample libraries tops the wish list for compound and sample managers

This report based on the results of the Annual Compound & Sample Management survey of key members of the compound management community gauged their current concerns and future plans. Download the report to read the results.

Use of Digital and Acoustic Technologies for Low Volume Dispensing Data

Mark Wigglesworth, Lead Optimisation, Sample Management Technologies, GlaxoSmithKline This presentation examines the use of digital dispense technology within a screening environment, demonstrates the dispense of a large set of compounds using the Digital dispense technology, looks at the use of the Acoustic technology within GSK and describes the dispense of...

Balancing Efficiency, Quality, and Flexibility in Lead Optimisation Sample Management

C.K. Chan, Senior Principal Scientist, Compound Management and Distribution, Pfizer This presentation looks at this from small molecules to peptides, from single stock concentration to project specific concentration, from site-based model to global/CRO support and ensure quality with sample QC.

Building an Effective Informatics System at UK Biobank - An Interview with James Brennan

We spoke with James Brennan, Informatics Lead at the UK Biocentre about integrating their sample ordering system with an existing LIMS. We also spoke about the challenges involved in a sample ordering system; such as large scale ordering and ensuring the correct spread with regard to sample attributes.

Is Your Biobank Lean?

Jon Wetzel, founder of the Lean for Everyone blog, joins Andrea Charles from Pharma IQ to discuss recent technological and commercial trends in the biobanking sector. Pharma IQ: What technological and commercial trends have you seen in the biobanking sector recently? J Wetzel: I think we’ve seen a slow shift...

Futureproof your Biobank - An Interview with Kathi Shea

We spoke to Kathi Shea, former President of ISBER and Vice President BioServices, Precision for medicine. Kathi spoke about procedures and training increase the value of samples and data being collected and also gave us her key to comprehensive planning.

Inside Development of Lundbeck’s Inhouse Global Compound Management and Compound Ordering System - An Interview with Claus Stie Kallesøe

Creating a fit-for-purpose compound management and compound ordering system is a huge task, so often the best way to understand is to look at those who have done it before. We spoke to Claus Stie Kallesøe, Head of Research Informatics at Lundbeck about his experiences in this task and how it...

The Road To ‘Personalised Medicine’ and the rules of good biobanking with AstraZeneca's Duncan McHale, Vice-President for Personalised Healthcare and Biomarkers

Duncan McHale, Vice-President for Personalised Healthcare and Biomarkers, Astrazeneca, joins Helen Winsor of Pharma IQ. In this interview he discusses the importance of biomarker discovery & validation, how close we are to ‘Personalised Medicine’, why sample quality is key, the rules of good biobanking, how we can improve biomarker research,...

President of ISBER: Looking to the Future of Biospecimen Science

Kathi Shea, President at ISBER 2012-2013, discusses the goals for ISBER in  2013. She also explains the challenges experienced by the biorepository community around standardisation and harmonisation and looks to what the future will bring to biospecimen science.